YOU have the permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try and make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish.

Finding Happiness 

Make 2016 the year to fall in love with Yourself!

Falling in love with yourself is the things that You like doing!  Its what makes you happy. Whether it is traveling, working out, training for a race-marathon, a spa day with friends or love ones, cooking beautiful food from the beginning, days out sightseeing, reading, yoga, arts and culture. Your life is special make that extra time for Yourself! Escape the stressful environment of work through spiritual wellbeing, leave negativity behind in the work place until the next day. Unwinding down slowly with a deep breath as you leave the building and then exhale. The best aid is unwind to some music of your choice from classical to heavy sounds whatever makes you feel good and forget the things  of the day that charges you into overdrive! Think of places that you would like to travel to, imagine yourself there, feel yourself there and send it out to the universe and tell yourself that is where you are going for your next vacation. What is your strength, have you asked yourself how do you use it? A Havard study was carried  out on individuals to use their strongest trait in a new way of life for about a week. The results showed a significantly amount of happiness which lasted about six months or more depending on the individual. Find happiness and peace through your strengths and free Yourself.


Standing in Redemption 

“When we are driving down the street, we should stop at the stop sign; we should proceed with caution where the sign directs us to proceed with caution; we should not go down a one way street in the wrong direction; we should stop at the railroad crossings. Don’t excuse yourself from the rules that are for your own protection and the protection of others. As we take chances, we do not train ourselves to obey. We feed the spirit of rebellion until we become hardened in the way of rebellion; then it is easy to rebel against God Himself. In excusing ourselves from rules and regulations, we make ourselves the criterion by which we judge the veracity or goodness of the rules and regulations, thereby setting ourselves up as judges”.


An act of kindness giving to those less fortunate than you. My friends and I decided to give to a women refuge some personal items and clothing over the few weeks. It was such a beautiful feeling to give to others.

The nature in which I am Created